Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inspiration Sunday: McGarrah Jessee for Shiner Beers

It's Sunday, and we could all use some inspiration before we go back to work or school or whatever it is we do on the days when having a Bloody Mary with brunch is frowned upon.

These have probably been lauded on countless other blogs and in the annuals, but they're just so damn good that I want to take another look at McGarrah Jessee's work for Shiner Beers.

The idea fits the brand perfectly. The copy is smart and not trying too hard, and it makes me feel all proud to have Shiner as my home state beer. (Is it weird that one of my early ad memories is a Shiner commercial with a cute old lady talking about the little brewery from Shiner, Texas?)

Enjoy your week. Do good work.

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